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    Watch Creature Comforts (1989) full episodes online
    Synopsis: Off camera, with her microphone in view, an interviewer asks creatures at the zoo to talk about how they like their accommodations, what’s good and what’s bad, and what they miss about their old land. The animals interviewed include a family of polar bears – the youngest of whom likes it there, a large Brazilian cat (who misses the space and the heat of the Amazon), an ape who’s a bit bored, a lemur, a turtle who reads for escape, and a chicken who compares her life favorably to the lives of her sisters in the circus. They talk about what they eat, their cramped and smelly quarters, and the technology of zoo life. They’re thoughtful, philosophical, and reasoned.
    Director: Nick Park
    Star: Julie Sedgewick
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  • Genres: Animation, Comedy, Short
  • Year: 1989
  • Status: Completed
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